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Why Jebsen Insurance


Our responsiveness ensures our clients are never left waiting for answers or solutions. We take pride in providing timely and effective communication, so our clients always have a comprehensive accounting of their insurance inquiries.


Our proactive approach means we are always looking ahead to anticipate and solve problems before they arise. We pride ourselves in being able to identify potential issues and take steps to mitigate them, ensuring our clients can have peace of mind and focus on their core business.


Our flexibility means we can adapt to changes in our clients’ requirements quickly and efficiently. Whether it’s a change in scope, timeline, or budget, we work closely with our clients to ensure that we are always on the same page and able to deliver the best possible results. 

What Do We Do?

Commercial Insurance

Employee Benefits
We understand that designing the right employee benefits program can be a daunting task for employers.
Construction Insurance
We understand that construction projects can come in many shapes and sizes.
Specialty Risks
We understand organization leaders work around the clock to ensure matters of oversight are properly addressed and managed.

Individual Insurance

Health Insurance

If you’re here, chances are you’re thinking about your healthcare needs, and we’re here to help.

Life & Accident Insurance

At different stages of life, we may have varying financial needs. When we’re young and just starting out, we might not have much in the way of assets or investments.

Travel Insurance
We’re excited to introduce our exclusive e-Travel plan, tailor-made just for JIB customers like you.
Motor Insurance

Jebsen Insurance Services Limited is the exclusive insurance agent for Porsche and Aston Martin.

Renovation Insurance

If you’re planning a home renovation project or installing new air-conditioners that requires scaffolding, or repainting your walls.

Property & Liability Insurance

If you own a home or rent a property, protecting your home and belongings is crucial. That’s why we offer a range of insurance options to help you get the coverage you need.