Personal Insurance

Life Insurance

This insurance can provide your life-long protection with the premium level guaranteed for a lifetime. Rider benefits can be also included in the insurance; for example, protection against accidental death, hospitalization expenses and protection against acute illnesses.

Critical Illness Insurance

Recent figures show that patients are getting younger. With rising healthcare cost, adequate protection is needed in order to tackle the medical expenses and potential loss on income.

Children Education Plan

The plan aims to provide adequate education funding and long-term potential savings that will provide financial protection for the future for your children.

Retirement Planning

Retirement is one of the most important life events many of us will ever experience. From both a personal and financial perspective, realizing a comfortable retirement is an extensive process that takes sensible planning and years of persistence. Even once it is reached, managing your retirement is an ongoing responsibility that lasts throughout your life.

Term Life Insurance

This insurance provides coverage for a specified period or term only. In general, the term insurance is renewable up to a specified age or even every year. The choices of rider benefits are fewer than Whole Life Insurance, yet the premium is relatively low. In terms of financial planning, Term Insurance is the most cost- effective life insurance because it contains no savings portion in the premium.

Medical Insurance

In order to prevent sky-high hospital bills, early planning is needed to address this concern. The hospital and surgical benefits are divided into surgeon’s fees, Anaesthetist’s fee, operating theatre charges, etc. It is usually calculated based on the complexity of the surgery. Client may select to apply for supplementary major medical benefit to increase the cover.

Motor Insurance

Thefts and traffic accidents are a great concern to car owners since they can cause bodily injury or death, and can also incur huge expenses. Under the Motor Vehicles Insurance (Third Party Risks) Ordinance, Chapter 272 of the Laws of Hong Kong, the user of a motor vehicle on the road must insure his liability for death or bodily injury of third parties with an authorized insurer.

Travel Insurance

No matter you plan to travel aboard for the purpose of study, business or leisure, you may need to face unpredictable incidents like accidents, sicknesses, flight delay, loss of baggage or loss of personal money. The insurance below will cover all your individual needs.

Home Insurance

Home insurance can protect the owner or tenant’s loss or damage to interior decorations, home contents such as clothing, furniture, electrical appliances, personal valuables, etc due to fire, flooding, burglary, typhoon, bursting of water pipes, explosion and other accidents.

Domestic helper Insurance

Domestic helper Insurance provides comprehensive domestic helper coverage with extra benefits in excess of your legal obligations as a responsible employer.

Personal Accident Insurance

A simple misunderstanding or carelessness can result in a grievous accident. If you are the victim of an accident, the resulting pain can affect both you and your loved ones, who have to adjust to the change in lifestyle. Good coverage can save you and your loved ones the fiscal anguish and allow you to live your life knowing you and your family are protected.

Fine Art and Jewelry Insurance

We provide tailored insurance plans in cooperation with insurance companies that specialize in insurance for fine art and jewelry. Because these require specialist knowledge and unique procedures that differ from all other insured assets.