Explore Our Past

In 1895, Jacob Jebsen and Heinrich Jessen co-founded the company of Jebsen & Co. with the belief that making strategic and long-term investments in a fast-changing world can open up unparalleled opportunities.

Beginnings: Jebsen’s Rich Shipping Heritage


Jebsen was established in 1895 as the sole agent for the M. Jebsen Shipping Company.

Shipping was the bedrock of the company’s activities and remained an enduring thread in its historical tapestry long after Jebsen’s ships were sold in the early 1980s. Jebsen also played a key role as agents to renowned shipping lines such as Maersk, Hapag-Lloyd, Rickmers, Senator Lines and Columbus Line.

Investment in Ships

The SS Heinrich Jessen was the first Danish ship order ever placed in Hong Kong, as well as the first Hong Kong ship fitted with a radar. As the first Jebsen ship to return to business after World War II, it helped transport essential food and medicine between Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland.