Business Insurance

Office Package & Employee Compensation

Employers are obliged to take out employees’ compensation insurance policies for all employees. According to section 40 of the Ordinance, no employer shall employ any employee in any employment unless there is in force a policy of insurance to cover their liabilities both under the Ordinance and at common law for injuries at work in respect of all their employees, irrespective of the length of employment contract or working hours, full-time or part-time employment.

Marine Cargo Insurance

We offer a wide range of services, and we design insurance solutions for all types of marine hull, cargo and liability risks.

Shop Insurance

We provide the complete insurance solution for retailers that ensure that your shop will be protected in the event of a claim.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance policies cover both legal costs and any legal payouts for which the insured would be responsible if found legally liable. Intentional damage and contractual liabilities are typically not covered in these types of policies.

Fire and Burglary Insurance

With this insurance, you’ll be financially compensated if your business is affected by fire, lightning, floods, impacts, explosions, earthquakes, windstorms, riots, strikes and civil commotion. You’ll also be covered for any loss of or damage to your insured property if someone was attempting to enter or exit your property during a burglary.

Fidelity & Guaranty Insurance

Fidelity Guarantee insurance is an insurance policy designed to indemnify the Insured (the employer) for the loss of money or property sustained as a direct result of acts of fraud, theft or dishonesty by an employee in the course of employment.

Group Medical Insurance

It is designed for companies, corporations or organizations to provide cover to their employees as well as the employees’ family members for the medical fees and charges incurred by hospitalization and outpatient treatment owing to injury or sickness.

Group Life Insurance

We provide a lump sum benefit for full-time employees in the events of death, total and permanent disability, and terminal illness.

Group Travel Insurance

Business travel is a crucial part of the job. With an appropriate business travel insurance plan, your employee can be covered traveling around most if not the entire world.

Stock Insurance

Stock insurance covers the loss, theft or damage of goods, materials or work in progress whilst in your possession or control.

Jeweler’s Block Insurance

Jewelry is an expensive and potentially high risk business. A Jewelers Block policy provides all risk coverage for physical damage to, or loss of, to property used in the jewelry trade.

Trade Credit Insurance

We arrange political risk insurance and provide professional advice to companies to protect international trade and foreign investments and assets against the “political risk” of unforeseen action or inaction of foreign governments or government entities.